Table Tents: Best Displays for Marketing Your Restaurants

Today, the business market has expanded and includes lot of variations offered by the table tent. The key element for successful advertising strategy in your restaurant is that you have to know the type of table tents which are best for buying particular budget and needs. There’s a way to make your best possible impact in your business is with alluring table tents with colorful and bright graphics.

The table tents can create awareness and will bring interests in your restaurant by advertising that you want to provide to your customers. Nearly 20% of the customers read that’s displayed inside the table tents. If you educate yourself on new and exciting table tent products, then you must be sure that you have to make the right purchases in order to guarantee your restaurant, so that it stays ahead of the competition in the market.

table tent cards
table tent cards

Multi-Fold Table Tents

A sign holder with different panels is perfect to use when you can relay a great deal of information within a limited space. Table tents with several panels are also available two and eight sides. You can choose accordingly. The multi-panel sign holders spin and rotate in the turntables. Multi-fold table tents maximize the promotional impact of your business.

Classic Table Tents

This is a standard table tent which is exactly what it sounds. Classic table tents are a double-sided display which resembles the tent and is placed on the table for advertising purpose. These table tents are the sign holders which present dinner specials to your guests. Table tents are the ideal service areas for fast food counters. Most of the table tents are fabricated with molded plastic or acrylic and are very inexpensive. Some of the other acrylic table tents include angled displays with T-style holders and frames.

Flip Charts

These are best for coffee shops and restaurants. The menu holders display several specials simultaneously. Flip charts will give you the ability to display advertisements or the items in an unobtrusive way. Table tent displays feature a flip chart design, which makes it simple for guests. Most of these provide clear sleeves in order to insert advertisements and menu cards.

Magnetic Displays

The aluminum sign holders feature a design which adds a good appearance to displayed menu graphics. The table tents are offered in a convex or concave presentation and include great designs. The metal menu displays a magnetic border in order to keep your specials in place. The table tents are designed for easy and quick graphic changes for fast-paced dining facility.

If you keep with the latest trend in your restaurants, then it will be beneficial for your business. The table tent displays vary in material, size and price, but all function in the most informative way. With the help of table tents, you can advertise exciting specials. Some are very explanatory, while the others are decorative. All easy and quick changes happen frequently according to your requirements. There are several ways for promoting your offerings. The table tents are an inexpensive, yet an effective method of advertisement.


Table Tent Printing Services

Despite the presence of the other marketing techniques, table tents are a unique way of advertising your business, if it’s a smaller business. These have involved a lot during the few past years. Table tent printing services have become quite smarter than before and you will come across with creative and new ideas for effective marketing. Following are some of the options that you must consider.

  • Table tents are very popular and services have increased in a few years. Table tents make things so easy that you can display your business to the people without instigating them. Thus, you can choose the theme and the color which you want. This mainly depends on your logo, business and the other details that will put you in the best position. You can select to have either side of your table tent colored or with the visible portion.


  • Brilliant colors are the best way for marketing your business by using table tents. The black and white themed table tents are not at all effective now. Table tent printing services will offer designed black and white tents that will draw the attention of the viewers.
  • You can give the option to select from certain sizes of the table tents. This depends on where you intend to place these. For example, you will come across 4?? X 4?? tents or 6 X 4?? tents, since these are standard sizes. With the help of an extra fee, custom sizes are the ones to display at suitable locations.


  • The material used for making table tents adds to an effective marketing for your business. The primary options which you can find are uncovered and glossy. They branch out to several custom options, like gloss on the every side.
  • These are excellent marketing tools as they are very easy for people to carry with them if they want to. If this is done aesthetically, people can keep it on display at home, for example, if it’s distributed as a calendar.


  • There are several choices which printing services provide. You have to find a template or a table tent design which suits your business. These services offer great conveniences and thus, you can choose and pick designs of the table tents for satisfaction. When you want the best way to market your products, then this is a viable option which works wonders at most of the places. Table tent printing services are excellent for your business.
  • These are remarkable advertising tools. These are the marketing materials which can be found on several places, like snack bars, hamburger stands and restaurants. Mostly, the service related industries which can make use in order to promote the identity of your business.


  • Several companies offer 2.8 x 11 table tents printing to potential customers in the most wonderful manner. The biggest advantage of using these is that they will provide your business the biggest exposure. It is also a cost-effective marketing. This will give you some of the great benefits which satisfy your valued customers to a great extent.