Use Custom Bookmarks for Marketing

Custom bookmarks can be used as marketing tools which are a lot more than a grim and serious product. These are highly usable print products for your office or home. They can be used in the office or at home and are ideal also as gifts for your family members and friends. A bookmark can be a pretty nifty gift product.


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Ideas for Your Bookmarks


Here are a few ideas for bookmarks that can be used at home and at your business which you might not have considered:


Personalized Bookmarks for Your Home


Custom bookmarks are nice accompaniments to any book which you are giving away as a gift. If it is a self-help book that you are gifting, an academic book or any other book that has a personal significance, you can include an author’s quote or a heartfelt message about the way the book has helped you in your life or in your studies. You can also use the bookmark as a part of the gift-wrapping process. A personalized gift tag can be a great complement to any book. You need to create

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a bookmark which reflects the cover graphic of the book or pictures of scenery, places or even pictures which illustrate passages in the text.


You may even place your family’s pictures or portrait on the bookmark. It can look great in itself, especially for grandparents and other family members who are avid readers. One of the great ideas for gifting bookmarks is to create a bookmark and place it along with a kiddie book and a classic kiddie hardcover which leads us to a really personal and well-thought out gift. Bookmarks are also ideal for Easter celebrations and even for commemorations like baptisms and religious occasions. You can include a favorite prayer, or a patron saint on the bookmark gift and it will create the most perfect ceremonial gift for the occasion.


Bookmarks for the Library, School, Bookstores or the Church


It is obvious to most of the people, but then organizations that have a lot of books can always make do with a lot of bookmarks. These days, even religious organizations and churches can make do with a bit of help to create interest. Whether you are a teacher who wants to give out special bookmarks to their students as achievement awards, or a librarian looking to promote a weekly calendar of events, a bookmark can be a fantastic tool for getting your point delivered, especially if you are an organization that encourages learning and reading.


Create Fancy Bookmarks


If you are someone with an artistic bent of mind, it might be profitable to sell bookmarks of your own. You can create an online bookmark business of your own or even sell them at a craft fair perhaps. You might just want to make an extra special bookmark gift. It is very easy to make the bookmarks that you see in the stores.


  • Create a custom design for your bookmark with an online template. This will give you the standard design and size guide.


  • Design with your template guide. After the design is done, you need to upload the design and check it out for printing.


  • Purchase fancy ribbon or rope from a crafts store


  • Get a single hole puncher and make a hole on the top. Thread a fashionable ribbon through it with a square knot.


How Businesses Can Use Bookmarks


If you want to use them for your business, bookmarks can double up as mini flyers. From the perspective of marketing, it is really helpful to have these bookmarks. If you are a small business owner who wants to create an efficient marketing tool, there is nothing more relevant perhaps than a custom bookmark that helps in getting your point across seamlessly. Bookmarks can be used for strategic marketing and this is because bookmarks stand a better chance of being picked by customers than flyers. The simple reason for this is that customers can use them.


People barely look at flyers and postcards before tossing them out in the bin. There’s nothing that you can do with a flyer other than giving it a cursory glance. Creating an impressive bookmark design can help you showcase your company logo, special promotion or business number. This will really get people interested in your business. You can create a sort of mini bookmark with a funny quote, a few words of wisdom, a calendar, a cute cat etc. Once this is done, you can have a marketing product which your customer can look at for weeks and months. If there is an online business, you can use the names of several websites to bookmark on your bookmark. This will be a fun proposition. This can be a great way of driving traffic to your website.


Event Tickets as Bookmarks


Custom bookmarks can be great for use as tickets for events. They are of the appropriate size to fit into a person’s pocket or wallet. A lot of people hire online printers to create event tickets. If you organize events, parties, competitions or stage productions on a regular basis, you can use bookmarks as a suitable alternative to the expensive custom ticket printing.


Bookmarks as Gatefold Business Cards


You can make a small and neat business card out of a bookmark. You can design your bookmark in halves. Download a business card template and create your bookmarks – splitting the 6” template into two 3” design spaces. After getting the bookmark prints, you can fold them down the center and create a gatefold business card from them. This is a sophisticated and elegant way of presenting your business.


Souvenir Bookmarks


If you are the owner of a hotel, guesthouse or any other business that deals with the tourism industry, you could create a travel souvenir which customers can pass on to their relatives and friends. Make sure that the image which is used of the travel destination is a gorgeous one so that they can relive their experience and stay and tell everyone about it.